The Water Tower

1896 / Ceaikovski P.I. 9A Street / Historical monument


The Water Tower of Arad used to be a water supplier and fire siren for the city. Today, it is a small museum dedicated to water, hosting thematical exhibitions.

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The Water Tower is a building in the county of Arad, built by the architect Miklós Ybl, who used the dungeon of a medieval fortress as a model. The Water Tower, which is 35 meters in height, began playing its role as a water supplier and fire siren for the city in 1896, reason for which it was built near the fire house.

When it was built, it was the tallest building of the city. The tower supplied the city with water until 1956. From 1990 onwards, the tower has switched to a private ownership, hosting the “Water Tower” art gallery, which includes a permanent water exhibition and many artistic and thematical exhibitions.

The exhibition space lies on five levels. The first floor is mainly dedicated to temporary painting exhibitions are held, the second floor hosts a permanent display of art works from the ’70 –’80, signed by painters from Arad, and the third floor presents the ”Domestic Water” exhibition, which shows the ways in which people have used water throughout time.

On the fourth floor, one can learn more about Arad’s firemen’s traditions and also of how the city was supplied with water throughout decades. On the fifth floor, there is a water basin weighing 400 tons, which is accessible via a ladder.


The building is a massive stone and brick construction, which stands out through the ornaments of its balconies and windows.

Interesting facts

The permanent exhibition is focused on the city’s firefighting force, displaying their clothes, helmets, intervention hose reels, merit medals etc. Theatre plays have once been held here as well.


  • The Water Tower building used to be the city’s water supplier and fire alert trigger.
  • Today, it is a small water museum, which hosts thematical exhibitions.
  • The building, 35 meters in height, was built of stone and brick and is most distinguishable by its specific balcony and window treatment.
  • One of main amusements inside the tower is a permanent exhibition dedicated to the city’s firemen.