The former Prefecture

1870-1871 / 81 Revolution Boulevard / Historical monument


In the past, this building hosted the Prefecture of Arad. Later, it became the editorial office of „Adevărul” and „Observator” newspapers and the Rectorate of „Aurel Vlaicu” University. Today, many institutions are operating here.

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The building was raised between 1870-1871. The building hosted the Prefecture of Arad, then it became the headquarters of several institutions - the editorial office of the „Adevărul” and „Observator” newspapers and the Rectorate of „Aurel Vlaicu” University.

Nowadays, in this generous space, several institutions conduct their activity: the County Volunteering Centre, the National Centre for Tourist Information and Promotion of the County of Arad, the Directorate for Development Programmes within the Arad County Council, the Inter-Community Development Association, BRECO, PNȚCD party, the Agency for the West Regional Development and the Advertising Department of „Jurnal Arădean” daily newspaper etc.


It was built in a neo-classical style. The architect copied the building of the county identically and kept the arched gateway, the facade bearing classical columns, the tympanon and the balcony. On the first floor, there is a grand festive hall with stucco elements, named after the Romanian politician, Iuliu Maniu.


  • The building was, in time, location of the Prefecture, the editorial of „Adevărul” and „Observator” newspapers and the rectorship of „Aurel Vlaicu” University
  • Today, many institutions are operating here
  • The building is defined by neo-classicist architectural style with stucco elements.

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