Gen. Dir. of Public Finances

1821 / 79 Revolution Boulevard / Historical monument


Throughout time, the building hosted the Prefecture of Arad, then it became the headquarters of the General Direction of Public Finances of Arad County, nowadays activating as "Arad County Administration of Public Finances".

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The construction of the building was completed in 1821, its basement being used as prison until 1848. In November 1918, negotiations between the representatives of the Romanian Central National Council and the delegation of the Hungarian government, regarding the fate of Transylvania, took place here..


The building bears the marks of classical style from the beginning of XXth century. The entrance to the two-storey building features an imposing gate with an archway. The facade showcases columns with Corinthian caps, topped by a traditional Greek element: the tympanum. The balcony with ornate railing completes the image of the building’s front.


  • The building hosted Arad Prefecture and the General Direction of Public Finances.
  • Architecturally, the building is marked by a facade with columns and Corinthian capitals.
  • In November 1918, the official Romanian-Hungarian discussions regarding the fate of Transylvania took place here.