The Andrenyi Palace

1880 – 1890 / 69 Revolution Boulevard / Historical monument


The Andrenyi Palace lies in the city center of Arad, on the Revolution Boulevard, hosting the classrooms of the Children’s Palace institution.

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The Andrenyi Palace was built between 1880-1890, the building having strong stucco ornaments. It is shaped as a “U” and its elongated flanks frame the garden.

The windows and doors, made of hardwood and richly ornamented, were kept intact up until the current day.

The decoration of the ceilings and of the internal walls is also exquisite.

The internal stairway of the palace was carved out of marble. In 1948 the palace became the Pioneers’ Palace, and in 1990 the Children’s Palace.

The original inlaying made of precious wood and the decoration of the ceilings and walls were kept as such to this day.


The façade of the palace was built in the neo-Roman style, with elements of the Baroque style. The one storey high building has a façade built in the Neo-Romanesque style, with Neo-Romantic details.

Interesting facts

The name of the palace comes from the Baron Andrenyi, who in 1936 started in an iron products shop in Arad, called “The Golden Horse Comb”.

After the nationalization, the Andrenyi family lost everything. In order to make a living, the old baron had to carry sand in a cart. Out of his sons, Karoly, the eldest, had to work as a driver on an eductor-basin cleaner, and the youngest became an electrician.


  • Former Andrenyi Palace today hosts the classrooms of Arad Children’s Palace
  • Its name comes from Baron Andrenyi and was built between 1880 - 1890
  • The building is in „U” shape and has an indoor garden, surrounded by elongated wings
  • The bilding has a special windows and ceilings ornamentation, which was kept almost intact until today