The National Bank

1905-1906 / 72 Revolution Bulevard / Historical monument


The building of the National Bank was built during 1909-1910 and projected by architect József Hubert from Budapest. The Romanian National Bank, branch Arad, was located here from the beginning.

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The National Bank Palace is a building situated on the Revolution Boulevard of Arad. It was built between the years of 1909-1910 after the plans of architect József Hubert from Budapest.

The National Bank of Romania (BNR) is the Central Bank of Romania with legal personality. This is an independent public institution, headquartered in Bucharest, and has branches and agencies both in Bucharest and in other towns.

The National Bank was founded in 1880 with an initial capital of 30 million lei (10 million from the State capital and the remaining 20 million mainly privately owned by the Brătianu family). BNR is the 13th Central Bank founded in the world, older that Japan’s Central Bank or the Federal Reserve of the USA. The first banknote issued by the BNR was that of 1000 lei, used until 1933.

By 1948, the institution became private, controlled by the iron hand of its shareholders, which have repeatedly defied the government’s own party, the National Liberal Party.


The central part of the edifice was influenced by the model of Greek temples. Above the entrance, there are four columns, topped by a triangular tympanon, with a beehive at its peak – the symbol of the institution. The symmetric side sections show elements of Renaissance style.


  • The National Bank Palace was built between the years of 1909-1910 after the plans of architect József Hubert from Budapest and hosts the headquarters of the National Bank of Romania (BNR).
  • The bank, founded in 1880,  was the 13th Central Bank in the world.

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